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Wedding Events

We perform in great Indian wedding functions,whether its of any religion we are famous for,making dance people on live Ghungroos.

Corporate events

We are famous in corporate world too,We have performed in major corporate events of major corporate groups Like FICCI,RR Kabel,Sahara ,etc.

Cultural event/live shows

We have performed in many social gathering and parties of Societies and Lions Club,We have done may Sufi nights in Clubs and Fest.

my story

Ehsaan Bharti Ghunghroowale,as the name itself suggests, represents the rich tradition of a composite culture that is on a fading course.

Ehsaan Bharti is from a family of traditional Sufi qawwals of Meerut who used to sing only spiritual compositions. When the decline of this form began Ehsaan started working on a novel way for survival. For seven years he practiced a unique voice art in a closed room by putting his head inside a pitcher (ghada) to create a sound of ghunghroos.

Today, he takes his listeners to a realm of disbelief by translating the most difficult musical composition into the sound of ghunghroos that he creates only through his vocal chords. He can sing the same song in 84 different ways.

Ehsaan's extraordinary talents that earned him a place in the Guinnese Book of World Records in 1995.

Ehsaan Bharati is an audiences' man with his filmi qawwalis. He can make his crowds dance to his numbers. But the uniqueness of this qawwal is he can adjust and re-adjust his vocal chords to produce the sound of ghungroo and pajeb in as many as 84 different styles. Due to this wonderful art, he has won many hearts in India and other countries. He has travelled to many places in the country and abroad. In addition to the filmi qawwalis, he also performs muqabla qawwalis and sufiana qawwalis.







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Note:- for booking  up for program please contact us through this website only this is the offical website of Mr.Ehsaan Bharti.Booking up of program from outside event company adds up the cost. For booking of program you have to pay advance money first and if due to any circumstances like earhquake, natural disaster, health condition e.t.c Mr ehsaan bharthi and his could not reach the venue then we are liable to refund the advance money given for program only.we try our best to satisfy you.The advance money paid will not be refunded if program will be cancelled by party in any circumstance.


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